Web Pages


There are links that I often refer to that are extremely informative and not commercially branded like so many of the sponsored Websites.

In the event that you need reliable information on topics that I may not have posted, Please search on these websites: See my favorite web pages that I frequently reference.

The most frequently updated is the Center for Disease Control web site.

The Site that has practical and informative information in plain speak is from the Nemours Children’s Hospital. It is also up to date.

The Academy of Pediatrics has a website which is user friendly for my parents

These are the links that I frequently refer my families to during the course of a busy work day.

This is for the information and use of my patients. If you have questions or are concerned about your child or relative, contact your physician or seek medical care.

Adolescent Health.

Allergy Control Products


Apps-Pediatric links from the AAP on Apple and Droid

Celiac Disease

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Child Safety

Mental health resources

Arizona Sports Physical form pages 1-4 


Screening Athletes for Cardiomyopathy – The Anthony Bates Foundation

Heat Stress

Child Development

Developmental Milestones

Developmental Delays



New Born Screening in Arizona

The Value of Saving Umbilical Cord Blood

Cord Blood Banking Video – How It Works

NICHCY – an A-Z Topics page

Parents guide to medical treatment of ADHD, Bipolar and depression

General Pediatric Information from About Health – Pediatrics

The Informed Parent

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