Smart Phone Use – Mom right about not sitting so close to the TV?

Today, childhood is spent mostly indoors, watching television, playing video games and working the Internet. When children do go outside, it tends to be for scheduled events – soccer camp or a fishing derby – held under the watch of adults. In a typical week, 27% of kids ages 9 to 13 play organized baseball, but only 6% play on their own, a survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found.
The average American (aged 16-44) spends 444 minutes or 7.4 hours staring at screens every day. That’s 147 minutes of television, 103 minutes on a computer, 151 minutes with smartphones, and 43 minutes on a tablet.

Childhood has moved inside in one generation

Does staring at screens all day really damage your eyes? 

Transient Smartphone “Blindness

“Smart” Phone – Artificial Intelligence 

Children can read freely for education and adventure, they read for joy and laughter at their leisure, they read to feed curiosity and fuel passion. This is a gift that can be put into a child’s hands, though admittedly it is sometimes harder than simply putting an iPhone into their hands.

The Rise of “Aliteracy