Retire, Retool, Redirect

It was with a lot of forethought that my wife and I decided to retire after more then 35 years od pediatric practice in Arizona.

I love my patients and families but we both wanted our lives to take a new direction.

A lot of people including our Arizona family are sad with our move.

Thus far we both are enjoying our move.    It was a long drive but we are excited to be here.

The pace is slower.

The community much smaller, by about 5 million!

I am still working full-time and I expect full-time for at least 5 more years. Then if the position allows half time for 5 more.

First and foremost I am a pediatrician, I do not want to be a floundering retired doctor and am happy to be in a small community with a lot to offer.

The demographic of the practice is quite different with a very large military base and Medicaid community.

I am still getting oriented to the area. We love the seafood and the weather.

The temperature and humidity have not been bad. I have acclimated a little better than my wife. But she is enjoying the grandsons 3 houses down.

I enjoy road biking 6 days a week 7-12 miles per day. Nice way to start my day.

Tying to eat better and lose a little more weight down 30 pounds in the last 2 years.

I have spent a little time reading. Reflecting on the last 40 years so Pediatrics and of the years to come. Running a practice was very hard on me and my family. I did my best and I hope that I helped some families.

“Living the past is a dull and lonely business; looking back strains the neck…” Edna Ferber

I look forward to the coming years and I wish all my patients and families health and happiness. I had a lot of hugs from a lot of them in the last few months before we let. I will miss all.

Warm thoughts to all my patients and families.

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