Humility is a Great Virtue

Explosive Spring by Salvador Dali

Explosive Spring by Salvador Dali

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with showing a little vulnerability now and again, but what people want to see is true confidence and sincerity in your abilities whatever status you are. It’s about how authentic you are at the end of the day. If you’re super successful, but always telling people how incompetent you are, they’ll quickly get turned off because you’re coming across as insincere. Conversely, if you’re over-confident with little or no basis or track record, people are going to be equally turned off, as you can’t back up your overbearing demeanor with any substantial achievements. Finding the right balance between confidence and the understanding you don’t know everything and are constantly learning can be honed over time, but it’s important for your personal brand.

Mel Carson
Founder and principal strategist, Delightful Communications; Author, Pioneers of Digital

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