Work – Passion – Less Than Perfect

Sunset on the river. Gulls Arkady Rylov Russian Painter 1887-1947

Sunset on the river. Gulls
Arkady Rylov
Russian Painter

Be motivated by passion rather than fear. Fear of failure can be powerful in the short term, but it also leads to stress, burnout and failure. Focus instead on passion

I no longer work 16 hr days. I stopped those kind of hours about four years ago. Prior to then I would leave home at zero dark thirty come home late and often leave again to go to the hospital to attend to newborns or patients. My wife was and is amazingly patient with me and my job. Her famous quote “you chose to be a pediatrician” She is only partly right. I feel that pediatrics chose me.

This time of year, I am seeing my older patients begin senior year or go to college for the first time.

Many are amazingly confident others are still finding their way.
Some are stressing about class status, honors classes, zero hour, or looking for an acceptance from a prestigious school. all worried that they may not make the grade. Too many times my kids do not appreciate the journey I know I did not. My confidence level did not always hit a ten but the passion was always there and will always be there.

Love your classes. Love your school work. Love your activities. Love your Music. Be Passionate about today and be passionate about your future.

Don’t Let Perfect Get In The Way

Pink – Perfect Lyrics
Pretty, pretty please Don’t you ever, ever feel Like you’re less than ###### perfect

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