Parenting – Baby Advice



There is no dearth of information available to my families whether in print, video or Internet. Also readily available is the unsolicited neighborly advice from friends or relatives.

I would love to write a reference book for my families however I believe more in the antiquated oral tradition of timely advice given to parent or child in the office. Often the best counsel is to listen to their concerns and the best reading we can do may be of their faces.

There is an impression abroad that everyone has it in him to write one book; but if by this is implied a good book the impression is false.’

Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) 

See my favorite web pages that I often reference. The most often updated is the Center for Disease Control website.

The Site that has practical and informative information in plain speak is from the Nemours Children’s Hospital. It is also up to date. 

The Academy of Pediatrics has a website which is user-friendly for my parents.

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