Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking 

“as the light of faith gradually dims, men’s range of vision grows narrow . . . they seek the immediate gratification of their smallest wishes.”

 “In sceptical times, therefore, there is always the danger that men will surrender themselves endlessly to the casual whims of daily desire and that they will abandon entirely anything which requires long-term effort, thus failing to establish anything noble or calm or lasting.” 

Alexis de Tocqueville
(Tocqueville was a classical liberal who advocated parliamentary government, but was skeptical of the extremes of democracy.)

Excerpts from:
The New Language Of Political Narcissism 
However, each generation starts life afresh. A new method of expression has come into existence. Examples can be found in speeches, official documents and even the literature produced by academic institutions and charities. It has already spread into mainstream journalism, changing not just political writing, but also sports journalism, foreign reporting and column writing. The new method of expression has become the dominant form in blogs and social media.

It rejects conventional rules of grammar, and is no longer concerned with accuracy and truth. The writers criticised in Orwell’s famous essay all assumed they were describing the outside world objectively. Indeed the worst political writing of the last century, from both Left and Right, stemmed from the writers’ assumption that their politics was grounded in scientific truth. 



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