Cereal – What Did You Have For Breakfast

The Conversation Camille Pissarro, c. 1881

The Conversation
Camille Pissarro, c. 1881

Six sensible cereal suggestions:

Avoid cereals depicting cartoon characters, prizes, or games on the box—clues that the cereal is likely loaded with sugar.

Look for cereals made from unsweetened whole grains—or at least ones with whole grains as the first ingredient(s) and no more than 4 to 6 grams of sugar per serving.

Beware of low-sugar cereals that are made from refined grains and have negligible fiber. The real challenge is to find a low-sugar cereal that is also high in fiber (3 grams or more) from whole grains.

Ignore nutrient claims on the front of boxes, like “excellent source of vitamin D” or “good source of fiber.” Such labeling is “designed to distract consumers from focusing on the unhealthy sugar content,”

Be aware that you may be eating more than a serving of cereal at each sitting, since the listed serving sizes are small.

Compare nutrition labels.

Lastly, if your favorite cereal is very sugary and you don’t want to give it up altogether, you can moderate the sweetness by mixing it with a cereal that has little or no added sugar.

Excerted from Berkley Wellness

Cereal: How Sweet It Is

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