7 Day Measles – Cough, Coryza, and Conjunctivitis

Last year there were 20 million cases of measles in the world and 122,000 deaths.[1] We need to realize that we are not alone here. We are not isolated in the United States. International travel is common, and if you choose not to vaccinate yourself or your child, you put yourself at risk because international travel is common and because, frankly, we live in a global sea of measles.

Paul A. Offit, MD
Professor of Pediatrics, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; Chief,

Measles Outbreaks in the US: Why Now?

Signs and Symptoms of Measles

Complication of Measles

Vaccine Information Center

About 30% of measles cases develop one or more complications:

Pneumonia, which is the complication that is most often the cause of death in young children.

Ear infections occur in about 1 in 10 measles cases and permanent loss of hearing can result.

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