Bed Wetting – Enuresis


Causes of bedwetting

Although not all of the causes of bedwetting are fully understood, the following are some that are possible:

Your child is a deep sleeper and does not awaken to the signal of a full bladder.

Your child has not yet learned how to hold and empty urine well. (Communication between the brain and bladder may take time to develop.)

Your child’s body makes too much urine at night.

Your child is constipated. Full bowels can put pressure on the bladder and lead to problems with holding and emptying urine well.

Your child has a minor illness, is overly tired, or is responding to changes or stresses going on at home.

There is a family history of bedwetting. Most children who wet the bed have at least one parent who had the same problem as a child.

Your child’s bladder is small or not developed enough to hold urine for a full night.

Your child has an underlying medical problem.

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