Dating – Friendship


I was thinking about doing a post on dating over the past few weeks.

During the Summer, I do a lot of sports physicals and I always ask the kids about dating and their activities. I also offer the teens my “Sage” advise.

I was going to write it down, but I felt that it would be self serving and superfluous.

Instead I will tell you about going to a movie with my best friend: My Wife.

Some times we go to chick flicks and sometimes action/comedies. I will let you guess which we saw tonight.

The best advise I can give to my teens is to make good friends. Like your friends and like what they are interested in. Like their activities and their accomplishments. If you are real lucky you get to marry your best friend.

Too many of our kids rush into a relationship without knowing their partner and not developing the friendship then partnership prior to dating.

The best advise I can give my teens is to date and marry your best friend.

Spectacular Now is a new movie which deals with adolescence and dating.  See the review.

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