Getting Hot – Summertime


If you live in the South West, you know it is record breaking HOT! I have lived here since May 1983. I can not say that it is getting hotter all that I know is that it hits 100 every May and it hits 110 every June. The monsoons come in July and August is just miserable. There is hope if we make it to September and then the next 7 months are fantastic. Essentially this is our dormant season. That is in opposition to every one else’s Winter. At least we do not shovel the heat.

I have posted some tweets over the past month and I would like to put those links into a context.

Most of what I post or link to are common sense but in many cases it serves to reinforce to us what we know we should do.

Probably most important is our electrical bill. Go to your utility provider and find out what your most expensive times of day are for your utility use and adjust your time of high electric use when the power grid is less used and cool down your home during that time.

Stay inside during the most intense time of day. Drink an adequate amount of water, decrease caffeine intake and eliminate or minimize alcohol use,.

Make sure that your car is maintained. Even with city driving, I see a lot of cars at the side of the road. Check your cars fluid levels and air. Have an umbrella in the car to protect from sun. If you must leave a car seat in the car freeze a gallon jug of water and place it in the car seat when it is left in the hot car. Never leave your child or pet in the car for a moment.

Our summer activities are fun but they may put us at risk. Make sure that our children are adequately fed and hydrated.

The most favorite activity besides swimming is reading. you have an opportunity to travel and imagine in the stories that you read. There are also many Fun Web Sites for kids.

They should wear hats and preferably hats with a brim all the way around to protect the ears and neck.  Swim shirts are a good idea.  Sun screen is always to be used in Arizona 12 months of the year.  It is easily overlooked in the winter months. With the July Monsoons come the mosquitos and with that we have West Nile Virus. It usually presents as a minor flu-like illness however it can be an invasive neurologic infection with serious consequences.  Simple protection would include insect repellent. Be aware that the mosquitos also come out during the cooler less sun intense times of day dusk to dawn. They like to bite small children.

We are blessed with many year round family accessible activities in the valley. Among them are a world-class zoo, many sporting venues and various theaters, Day trips to surrounding communities are fun. We have the desert botanical garden, a butterfly exhibit, wild life animal park, riparia and Audubon preserves,

There is much to do in the Valley.  Spend some time  going to the Heard Museum, the Mesa Museum, Arizona Children’s Museum, and the Aquarium at the Arizona Mills. There is even a musical instrument museum here.

Have a fun safe summer with your friends and family

Winslow Homer
Born: Boston, Massachusetts 1836
Died: Prout’s Neck, Maine 1910

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