Nutrition – You are what you eat


I must make a confession. I am a “do as I say not a do as I do” person. It is hard to make good food and diet choices. We are all a product of our environment. We can choose our friends but not our parents.

Growing up I can think of all our favorite meals. Pot Roast. Steak, Pork Chops and Meat Loaf, Fried Chicken. Do not forget Memphis Pulled Pork Barbeque with Cole Slaw.

We were a Paula Deen household without the dessert. We did however have a lot of ice cream and we did drink a lot of milk.

Vegetables were usually canned or frozen beans and peas, corn and Broccoli. We frequently had salad, ( I did not know that there was lettuce other than Iceberg). Fast food was just starting in the early 60’s and I remember the first McDonald’s near my Grade School.. Kentucky Fried Chicken was a treat and occasionally Pizza. The only fish that I remember was fish sticks on Friday. Ham Hotdogs, Pork and Beans and Hamburgers. When my dad was home we would grill and on Sundays we would usually go to Ferguson’s a family style restaurant or different buffets in town with 6 boys my parents would turn us loose. Usually we were in Sunday suits so we would not get into trouble.

Our diet may not have been the best but our genetic engineering was such that we are not prone to heart disease or diabetes. My father just passed away at 97 and my mother is still strong at 94.

Parents have a lot of information available to them. They should not believe all of it. We do need to have a balance. Eating and health is a blog from NPR

Should we remain a carnivore or a omnivore. Should you be a vegetarian or vegans, Should we adopt a Paleo diet, or the Atkins diet. Should we consider a plant base diet. I have more teens considering a vegetarian or meat less diet but with out any real research or good information.

Can we truly avoid all dyes additives and preservatives,

Why are these things in our food? Which are safe? What about the drugs in our water, the hormones and antibiotics in our beef and poultry What fish is safe and how often should we eat it.

Is there a benefit to wild fish or ranch fish? What about GMO (genetically modified organisms)? Myths about genetically modified foods. What are the risk benefits of the traditional western versus eastern diet?

Should I give my child rice, cow’s milk or soy? What you need to know about infant formula.

Is the water safe? (reverse osmosis,filtered bottled or tap)

When should we consider a lactose free or gluten free diet?

What about the child with food allergies?

I am not sure we should get caught up in all this however you have to understand the ramifications of what we consume and what we are exposed to.

I am far from green, in fact I am the exact opposite. Look on the color wheel.

There was a time when fast food was good for you. But that was only if you had to run and catch it. That was the day when we were hunters and gatherers. Now we are onlyconsumers and that has proven not to be healthy.

We are now at the point where the benefits of commercial farming have peaked for us in the US, and the next generation may not have the life expectancy of our parents. We are seeing more autoimmune, cardiovascular disease and cancer. In part that is because we have conquered our predators and by bypassing natural selection we will see these diseases become prevalent.

Some additives and chemicals that we are exposed to as we grow up do in fact affect us in the long term..

We now feed the world. Many countries may have longer life expectancy for the general population, but at a cost of increasing cardiovascular and autoimmune conditions.

I do not have any answers however you should be aware that if you choose an alternative diet it must be balanced and age appropriate. Adequate vitamins and minerals must be consumed

You cannot avoid everything that may be perceived as bad for you. But a good mix of foods and avoidance of added ingredients which may compromise your health.

Be realistic in your research. Go to reliable nutrition links.

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