Grief and Loss


My families are often confronted with the unexpected loss or illness of a family member. It is hard enough to deal with the expected passing of a loved one who has had a protracted illness. It is not easy to do and especially not easy for our children. In my family we did not talk about someones passing. The wake and funeral were the end of it. It wasn’t until Kubler-Ross that the stages of grief were mapped out; that the grief process was addressed. I am sure there are other more current references for the adults who wish to pursue it further.

I am more interested in how our children deal with the passing of a family member, friend, or even pet.

I looked into it and found several bibliographies that may serve as a starting point for you. This is a link from the NAEYC

Children’s books which deal with death and dying. A link to the bibliography from the Barr Harris Children’s Grief Center

In the past I always recommended old standbys the Velveteen Rabbit and Charlotte’s Web

Here is the text of The Velveteen Rabbit.


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