As I have indicated i like to read although I have not read as much the past few years.  Being too busy is a bad thing.

Your children should be exposed to books very early.  Initially bright colors and large shapes to capture your childs attendtion.   You can make books with fabric and consider using fabric that you can attach pieces to so that stories can change as well as pictures.  I like the books that you can insert a finger or thumb and wiggle it to capture your child’s attention.  Some children readily take an interest in the quiet time on your lap with a book.  Others are motorized and good luck getting them to settle down. They are the ones who will be content to bang on pots and  pans and play with your Tupperware and boxes.

I like the classic books with simple words and animal noises.  I  did not like Dr Seuss books.  Jim Carey really ruined it for me.  My favorites are Paddington Bear and Berenstain bears.  I assume libraries still have children sections.  It is a good opportunity to get out for some one on one time with your child.

Look to some of the Classic Little Golden Books or Richard Scarry.  As the kids get older work on sight words and pictures with animal and motor noises.

Go to my post from May for additional reading information.

Most of my parents will enjoy this link to a White House prayer breakfast.  A classic and quite accomplished Pediatric Neurosurgeon.

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