Anxiety – GAD


It seems that daily I am dealing with anxiety in either my patients or their parents.

Generations have looked upon anxiety as a weakness and not to be discussed. It is so impactful that some are not able to go to school work shop and even interact with family or friends. There is increased awareness and acceptness of anxiety. We are seeing a spectrum of people who were marginalized in the past and who are now recognized to have a real condition which must be addressed. Therapies may be helpful. medication or anxiolytic meds may be considered.

I find that getting my patients on a schedule, with regular sleep and a good diet helps. Limiting the intrusion of social media: that is Tweets, Texts, Instagrams and Facebook, may help. The bombardment of our senses beats us up. If it doesn’t beat us down. It may desensitize us or cause us to have unrealistic expectations of our friends or society.

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