November is national adoption month.

Adoption is a complicated process. There are social and legal ramification with both domestic and international adoptions. Bringing a child into the home with a limited history can be a challenge and requires resilience, flexibility and at times perseverence. You can not return a child, There is no warranty or guarantee.

Many of my families have adopted children. Some have chosen private agencies. Others have been able to pursue open adoptions. There are also my families who have entered by way of the foster adoptive program. International adoption has also been pursued. Children are commonly adopted through China and less commonly Eastern Europe. Rarely do I see Latin American adoptions. Some parents have used private agencies, others through faith-based venues. I guess the most important thing is to do the necessary soul-searching that is needed prior to the addition of new members to their family. Adoptive families may be traditional Mother/Father. Others may be parents who have biological children but want to offer a home for a child who otherwise does not have one. Some of my parents are single parents who have the ability or capacity to care for and provide for an adoptive child. There are children with special needs or disabilities who may benefit from a nurturing home which has the resources and wherewithal to address those needs.

See these other adoption links.

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