Speech – The Great Communicator


We all like to think that we communicate well and that everyone agrees with our wonderful insight and that we express those ideas to our patients and families well. That is not me. In fact I was cleaning out the garage a few weeks ago and retrieved an old essay that I wrote in college. Professor Dunn expressed quite politely how well I communicated. “…genuinely intelligent and perceptive ideas abominably expressed.”

Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, is known as the great communicator. This may in part be due to his life as an actor, but it is so much more than that. It is the culmination of his life lessons. As Reagan himself used to say, he wasn’t successful because he was a great communicator. “He was a strong leader because he communicated great things. That’s what separated Reagan from so many others who try to compare themselves to him.”

We all want to be great communicators. We all have different skills. We do those skills when we have matured enough. Boys do differently than girls. Some of us are more verbal. Others are more motor oriented. We are facilitated in our development by our parents and siblings. We are taught by interaction and example. We must speak to our children. They watch us. They model our speech as well as our behavior. Therefore we must always be on our best behavior. Limit our distractions while our children are awake. Work hard to speak to your child. Sing and dance and smile. Laugh and take the time to have fun with your child. Play is your child’s job. They work hard at it all day. It is hard but try to be a positive parent. Catch your child being good!

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