My expectant parents often have questions about circumcision.  I try to discuss the pros and cons and then I say it is up to them to decide.  It is a personal decision of the parents.  If they do not agree.  Then I say if Dad is circumcised, Do it.  If he is not, Don’t.  With one mother I asked her if Dad was circumcised , she said she did not know.  The worst reason that I frequently hear is “I do not want him to be different”.

There are reasons to do it and reasons to not do it.  I will attach links for your review that  explain it better than I. 

I prefer to have the procedure done in the hospital.  Although it can be done in the office but only on the second office visit.  I will only do the procedure if the children have received Vitamin K and there is no family history of bleeding disease.  It is almost always done with local injection of lidocaine.  The timing of the procedure is due to the need that the baby transition normally and is feeding well.  The procedure is painful but that is minimized by the ingestion of a sugar solution and the local anesthetic.  I do not do the procedure on premature babies due to concerns about anemia and bleeding.  If there are structural problems with the urinary tract the procedure is delayed to be performed by urology.  The cost of the procedure may or may not be covered by your insurance.  Medicaid does not cover the cost of the procedure.  Keep in mind it is an elective procedure and in many cultures and religions considered as a rite of passage.

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