It is nice to be important but more important to be nice!


Although we should all aspire to this ethic, we rarely do. I came across this motto or expression while listening to the obituary of Hal Jackson a black radio pioneer this weekend. It caused me to research the origin and as far as I can discern it may have originated from singer actor Eddie Cantor. Please review the histories of both of these pioneers. Click this link for other quotes from Eddie Cantor.

I guess this quotation may mean different things to each of us. It always must be taken within the context of where we have been with our lives. Where we are going with our lives, jobs, families and our own life situations.

When I consider life choices first with relationships, dating and marriage, then parenting, child development, literacy and school readiness, preschool and alternative child care, kindergarten and beyond. The relationships of our children through school, sports and other activities mold their personalities. Their personalities are obviously effected by family, faith, and peers. We must always focus on our experiences and try to retain our humor and value regardless of our circumstance.

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