Screen Time – Turn off your Video!


When I was growing up TV was relatively new. Initially a large black and white tube TV. In 1965 our family bought an RCA color TV. It was great to watch the Disney World of Color and Bonanza. In retrospect I thought we watched a lot of television but with sports and school work we spent little screen time.

I am concerned about the time that our children spend in front of video screens with passive or limited interactive response. The games on video displays such as the new ipads or internet games may represent a mixed blessing. We need to be aware how TV effects our kids. It may contribute to ADD, anxiety, anger or even violence. We have a new generation of children who are now interfacing with video games at younger than 12 months of age. It can be fun to see the interaction but little is known about the impact that the video exposure has on the development of these kids. We want to foster the magic years. Most would agree that there should be little TV or DVD exposure under TWO years of age.

The most important interface during the first 2 years is the parents reading to their children. However an increasing number of parents are facebooking, texting and other wise socializing in lieu of interacting with their child.

It is increasingly important for our present generation of parents to understand how our child develops and matures. With that understanding they can facilitate that development.


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