Reading Literacy – Reading to your Children


We all have memories of how we have impacted our children. The experiences that my girls and I shared best were play and quiet moments. During the first 4 years, story time was the most fun for me; although my kids may not remember the stories. Those stories helped to shape them and instilled in them a desire to read. They developed an enjoyment of reading which has continued. I think that their joy of reading and learning has directed them in their academic and professional success.

We should all encourage our children not by word but by example. There can be no better example than reading with them. There are several reading programs and there are two that I wish to share.

Reading Is fundamental

Reach out and Read

It is not hard to find books that you like. But you may wish to find quality award-winning books that tell a story with words as well as pictures.

Try these links from the Association of Library Service:

The best of children’s books

The Newbery Award

The Caldecott Medal

My parents always worry about preparation for school and the reading literacy of their child. As our children develop, they also develop or achieve Reading Milestones. If you and your spouse just spend the time each day reading with your child they will achieve the necessary milestones with no worry or extravagant expense

A link that you may find helpful is the parents choice award.

Parent’s Choice Award

Another fun link is from the New York City Public Library

Summer Reading On Lion

Kids Reading 2012

Novel Destinations: Travel Through Reading


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