Everything that we do!


Mary Cassatt | Child in a Straw Hat, 1886
Everything that we do and what we are is impacted by family, environment and illness.

Family is our genetics, as well as our genealogy. More and more we are separated from our biological family by distance. We can be linked now by email, Skype and other social network. We are also separated by the time constraints of our jobs. We can also be distanced by depression and stress.

Environmental impact may be as simple as the extreme cold of northern winters, or the extreme heat of Arizona summers. tornados, hurricanes, fires and floods have impacted many of our families as well.

Illness is devastating. It may be a cold, or a more serious infection. It can be a life challenging illness such as cancer or cardiovascular disease. Autoimmune diseases such as diabetes and Lupus are equally life changing.

In many ways we can adapt our lives to meet all these challenges in a good and healthy way.

First we must inform ourselves. We must find information that is reliable and grounded in fact and not-self interest.

I will try to direct you to links that I think will help you in that search.

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